Promote Patron Engagement Increase Circulation Stats

Hublio is a modern Patron Driven Acquisition tool for Public Libraries. Patrons are empowered to discover, recommend and reserve forthcoming titles. They feel acknowledged and valued whilst helping your library build relevant collections and identify changes in lending trends to better develop your collection profiles

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Driven by curated lists of new and forthcoming titles from all major and niche publishers


The benefits of

Patron Driven Acquisition

Patron Driven Acquisition has numerous benefits to offer Public Libraries. The role of libraries has moved from passive provision of books on shelves to more active engagement with patrons. Implementing a PDA program not only engages patrons, it also improves the whole acquisition process.

Promote Patron Engagement

Engage patrons in the purchasing process. Give them a view of forthcoming titles. Allow them to recommend what they would like to see added to the collection.

Increases Circulation

Research indicates that acquisitions through a PDA program have higher circulation rates than those acquired through other channels.

Increased ROI on Acquisitions

Acquisitions triggered by patron demand ensures that budgets are applied to titles that are used. Avoid wasted spending.

Build Relevant Collections

PDA transforms acquisition from more speculative buying to targeted purchases of what patrons want.

Frees Up Staff Time

Introducing a PDA programme brings efficiencies to the acquisition process. Less time is spent on running surveys, organising selection days, sorting through suggestion boxes and managing general acquisition activities.

Recognises Patron as a Valued Partner

Express appreciation for the patron as valued partner. PDA's are a cost effective customer service orientated initiative.

Streamlined Acquisition Process

PDA programs streamline an otherwise lengthy selection and ordering process.

Maintain Control

Set rules and maintain ultimate control over which titles are ordered. Staff still have ultimate resposibility for approving acquisition decisions.

Books acquired through this user-initiated program have higher circulation rates than books acquired through the normal selection channels. The difference is quite large, a mean of 4.1 compared to a mean of 2.4.

Stewart Saunders

Associate Professor of Library Science, Purdue University

PDA the Hublio way

Hublio provides true Patron Driven Acquistion in an innovative and modern way

Why Hublio?

Hublio has a number of features and benefits which set it apart

Vendor Neutral

Hublio doesn't tie you in to any specific vendor. You can order from your preferred supplier.

Full LMS Integration

Integration with your LMS to check OPAC for item holdings and allow the Patron to "Recommend", view “Availability by Location” and "Reserve" depending on status.

Curated Lists of Books, DVD's and Music

Lists have been curated by industry experts. In addition to having the ability to choose which physical formats you’d like to include, you’re also able to customise what lists are shown within each format.

A web-based application with your branding applied

Your Hublio site is branded with your Logo and unique URL.

Optional email service to notify your patrons when a title becomes available to reserve

Once a title that a patron recommended becomes available to the reserve, the patron is sent an email containing a link to make a reservation.

Integrated ordering carts

Automated integration with MDM Entertainment and MDM Print ordering systems. Includes the ability to capture patron barcode numbers for seamless integrated order loading.

Administration Features

Hublio's Administration features provide a dashboard, reports and processes which bring efficiencies and time savings to the acquisition process.

Recommendation and Reservation Reports

Date driven reports covering patron recommendations and reservations placed.

Patron Visits and Pageviews

Google Analytics style graphs and reports covering patron visits and pageviews.

Action Reports

Suggestions for purchase, ready for integrated order loading into vendor systems. Automated conversion of patron recommendations to reservations through the LMS

Numerous benefits for Patrons

Demonstrate your commitment to have your communities play their part in developing yours and their library collections.

Browse, recommend and reserve

Allow patrons to browse lists of forthcoming titles to recommend titles for purchase or place reservations on titles held through your OPAC.

Full LMS Integration

Integration with your LMS to check OPAC for item holdings and allow the Patron to "Recommend" or "Reserve" depending on status. Seamless patron authentication through SIP2 and API ensuring full transparency of patron engagement.

Rich patron facing experience

View comprehensive title metadata including publication dates, jackets, author bios, ratings, film trailers and much more.

Manage their activity in “My Space”

Patrons have their own area to track what they recommended and reserved.

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